"Eren caught my attention from the very first page. I really enjoyed it. Sure-footed, distinctive, strange, poetic. Simon P. Clark is a truly interesting new voice." (David Almond, author of Skellig)

A beautiful and unsettling debut novel for middle grade and up, in which a young boy learns all about the dangerous power of stories - sharing them, keeping them, and putting yourself within them - Simon's debut children's novel, Eren, is published by Corsair, and imprint of Little, Brown (UK).

EREN will be published Autumn 2015 in the USA as TELL THE STORY TO ITS END



People are keeping secrets from Oli. His mum has brought him to stay with his aunt and uncle in the countryside, but nobody will tell him why his dad isn't with them. Where is he? Has something happened? Oli has a hundred questions, but for now he is content to have a secret of his own.Oli has discovered the creature that lives up in the attic: Eren.

He knows Eren is not human.

He knows he has been waiting for him.

He knows he is hungry for stories.

And, scared though he is, Oli knows he wants to feed him.

Sharing his stories with Eren may help him make sense of what's happening downstairs with his family. It may make him feel less lonely - at least Eren listens to him. But what if it's a trap? Soon, Oli must decide whether he is prepared to hear the truth - or abandon himself to Eren's world of forever.